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Welcome to the Institute for Female Trailblazers

with Leanne Jamison

Here, we believe in the transformative power of guiding, inspiring, and empowering Trailblazing Women to shed the weight of limiting beliefs that hold them back from embracing their Highest Purpose.

We work with Professional and Entrepreneurial Women who have advanced in their careers and/or businesses and hit a plateau. You are tired of being stuck (which often shows up as signs of depression, anxiety, and frustration) and are ready to prioritize your personal growth and self-awareness so you can take your career and business to the Next Level. 

We invite and guide you to explore the depths of your True Authentic Self, and embrace it fully. Picture a roadmap illuminated by your Big Vision, Life Purpose, and Legacy guiding every step towards your Destiny. Our trainings serve as a compass, providing you with the Clarity to envision your path, the Passion to fuel your journey, and the unwavering Confidence to walk it boldly.

It's not just about realizing your potential, it's about Igniting it in ways you never thought possible.

 Join us, and together, let's awaken the unstoppable force of your Inner Visionary.


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Are you tired of feeling stuck in self-limiting beliefs that keep you from embracing your Extraordinary Life?

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We are a supportive group of Visionary women stepping into Our Next Level Life Purpose to Live Our Legacy and Change the World.

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